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The Monument to Emperor Alexander II (The monument to the Tsar Liberator )
Georgi Yordanov

The Monument to Emperor Alexander II (The monument to the Tsar Liberator )


The Emperor of Russia Alexander II is mostly known as Tsar Liberator in Bulgaria.

That’s no surprise, given that it was his decision to engage in another war with the Ottoman Empire (1877-78) that eventually liberated Bulgaria of Ottoman rule. The "Tsar Liberator" Memorial was erected as a sign of gratitude to the Russian people, in honor of the emperor, the Liberation and as a symbol of Bulgarian freedom.

The structure is crowned by the sculpture of the Russian Tsar on a horse. Some of the bas-reliefs feature portraits of prominent figures and freedom fighters of Bulgaria - Ivan Vazov, Stefan Stambolov, Stoyan Zaimov and others. The 12-meter high monument (the statue itself is 4.5m high) was officially inaugurated in 1907. Later during the Allied bombing of Sofia, the monument was badly damaged. Over the years only partial repairs had been done. Recently, the equestrian monument underwent a major reconstruction/underwent a makeover/ and now shines anew.

The Monument to the Tsar Liberator" is located in the center of Sofia, on Tsar Osvoboditel Boulevard, facing the National Assembly of Bulgaria.


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