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National Museum of Bulgarian Literature
National Museum of Bulgarian Literature

National Museum of Bulgarian Literature


The National Museum of Bulgarian Literature was founded on 1 January 1976. It also maintains a literary archive and a scientific research group. The Art and Culture Committee, respectively the Ministry of Culture, didn’t provide the newly founded museum with its own building so up to 1982 it functioned only through its branches. Later, two places were designated to house the fund: one at Dondukov Blvd 95-B and a flat on the second floor at G. S. Rakovski Str 138. Upon the moment of the foundation of the National Literature Museum, it got branches situated in the memorial houses on the territory of Sofia: Ivan Vazov House-Museum, P. K. Yavorov House-Museum, Petko and Pencho Slaveykovi House-Museum, Nikola Vaptsarov House-Museum, Hristo Smirnenski House-Museum, Dimitar Dimov House-Museum and Nikolay Hrelkov House-Museum. Before 1989 the National Literature Museum was also joined by Emiliyan Stanev’s House-Museum – Veliko Tarnovo, Elin Pelin House-Museum – village of Baylovo, Georgi Karaslavov House-Museum – Dragalevtsi district as well as Pancho Vladigerov House-Museum in Sofia, Lozenets district.


For its almost 40 years of existence, the National Literature Museum has traced down and preserved an imposing number of precious collections of manuscripts, photographs, documents, correspondence, first editions of Bulgarian books, literary periodicals, handwritten and incunabular books, objects, artworks (painted canvases, graphic sheets, colour stamps from 18th century, illustrations, caricatures, original layout projects and others), precious ethnographic materials and unique city lifestyle objects from the beginning of 19th century to the 70s of 20th century.


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