Petko and Pencho Slaveykovi House-Museum
Petko and Pencho Slaveykovi House-Museum

Petko and Pencho Slaveykovi House-Museum


The Petko and Pencho Slaveykovi House-Museum was opened for visitors on 1 July 1951 in the former home of Svetoslava Slaveykova – the granddaughter of the big Revival poet. She was also the first director of the museum. For decades she had been collecting manuscripts, original belongings, paintings and books that belonged to the Slaveykovi family. Svetoslava Slaveykova infused her Sofia home in Rakovski Str with the atmosphere and setting of the old Turkish house with a glazed balcony and big yard that P. R. Slaveykov bought at the end of 1879 when he settled in Sofia with his family. It used to be situated on Kafene Bashi Square (now, Slaveykov Square). The House-Museum is administratively subordinated to the National Literature Museum in Sofia.


The museum’s main fund consists of 80 000 sheets handwritten by Slaveykovi father and son, Petko Slaveykov’s personal library (162 volumes), Pencho Slaveykov’s personal library (about 2000 volumes), 600 original photographs, oil-on-canvas works by renowned Bulgarian artists, furniture, belongings and others.


Visitors can see a lot of personal belongings that Petko Slaveykov used, the humble atmosphere of Pencho Slaveykov’s study and much more.


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