Aleko Konstantinov Satire Theatre
Aleko Konstantinov Satire Theatre

Aleko Konstantinov Satire Theatre


The Satire Theatre (Satirichen teatar) is a unique cultural phenomenon with significant influence and a special place in the country’s theatre life. Founded in 1956, it is among the most popular, beloved and free-thinking theatres in Sofia. Here, the viewer always feels like a needed and close interlocutor and friend. Humour – the power of this theatre – brings people together, making them feel as a community which – through art – finds the strength to overcome the difficulties of everyday life. Being the only genre theatre in Bulgaria, it is a precious aesthetic resource which has been used by renowned actors, playwrights, directors, musicians and artists. Along with Bulgarian talents, directors from Russia, Romania, the Czech Republic, Serbia and France have staged their performances here.


It is in The Satire where some of the greatest Bulgarian theatre and movie stars have worked. Today The Satire’s prestigious name is being defended by a new generation of theatre talents.


The Satire Theatre has been nominated 32 times in various categories of the Bulgarian most prestigious theatre award Askeer and has won the prize 13 times. It has also received numerous other national and international awards. The theatre has been repeatedly shortlisted for all Bulgarian theatre festivals. It has also had a significant number of shows staged abroad.


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