Memorial Temple "St.  Alexander Nevsky”

Memorial Temple "St. Alexander Nevsky”


The resplendence of the striking gold-plated domes catches the eye as well as the sun.

The imposing building impresses with interior and decoration as well. Whatever the reason for your visit to the temple, you’ll most certainly be impressed. Occupying an area of more than 3,000 sq. m. the Cathedral is the second largest on the Balkan Peninsula. The bell tower stands 53 m. high and the 12-bell ringing spreads throughout the capital, while the impressive sound is mostly thanks to the solid 12-ton bell.

"St. Alexander Nevsky" Cathedral took years of hard work to complete. The construction began in 1882 and the temple was completed in 1912, while the cathedral was consecrated 12 years later. It was created in honor of the Russian Emperor Alexander II who led the Russo -Turkish War of 1877-1878 and was called Tsar-Liberator of the Bulgarians and was dedicated to St. Alexander Nevsky, patron saint of the Emperor himself and symbol of Russia's military glory.

The walls of the Cathedral are coated with Vratsa limestone slabs while the gates are made of Slavonian oak. The interior stands out with beautiful marble decoration, murals and dozens of icons. The exquisite icons were done by a team of Bulgarian, Russian and Czech artists. Other Bulgarian iconographic masterpieces are exhibited at the cathedral's crypt.

The magnificent marble iconostasis, the royal and patriarchal thrones, the pulpit, the mosaic mural depicting King Ferdinand and Queen Eleanora seize the attention of those who pass the threshold of the glorious cathedral.

"St. Alexander Nevsky" Cathedral is among the symbols of Sofia and was proclaimed a monument of culture of national importance.


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