Noe Gallery
Noe Gallery

Noe Gallery


Noe Gallery is an exquisite art object in the center of Sofia City, an intimate art spot for meetings with soul-touching artworks.


Created in the beginning of the new millennium (September 2003), the gallery, named after the biblical Noah, has chosen it for its mission to preserve and give a new meaning to the concepts and tastes of fine art in the basic genres, and in the logic of the contemporary mentality and sensitivity. The Modern Bulgarian paintings that can be seen in the gallery are representatives of various art schools and tendencies of different levels, each with its own charm: neoclassicism, naïve, realism, postmodernism, surrealism. A whole gamut of works by famous Bulgarian graphic artists is shown: artworks of perfection in the techniques of etching, drawing and aquarelle. The exquisite artwork palette also includes a collection of small sculptures – works by contemporary Bulgarian sculptors.


Noe is a leading gallery in the display of copies of Bulgarian icons painted with egg tempera in an old Bulgarian iconographic style and in accordance with the Orthodox cannon. The gallery holds both solo and collective exhibitions. 


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