Vasil Levski House-Museum
Detelina Todorova

Vasil Levski House-Museum


The setting which national hero Vasil Levski inhabited, his belongings, documents, family photographs, his life and heroic deeds are all available for every Bulgarian patriot in the Apostle’s house-museum in Karlovo. The modest one-story house is situated in the western part of the town. It was built in 18 century by Levski’s grandfather Kuncho Ivanov. It has a ground floor equipped with a cellar, storage room and hiding place. The first floor has two rooms – a bedroom and a dining room. Attached to the house is the low building of the braiding and dyeing workshop.


The Deacon’s original home was reconstructed into its authentic look after it collapsed in the years around the Liberation, having been uninhabited for a long time. It was opened as a museum in 1937 – exactly 100 years after Levski’s birth. The Apostle’s nieces – daughters of his sister Yana – provided priceless assistance, contributing to the renovation of the building along with its interior into its original look. Among the materials given by the Deacon’s relatives are his original photographs, family albums and many others.


The Vasil Levski House-Museum is part of a whole complex which also includes an exhibition hall, the so called Chardaklievata House (Chardaklievata kashta), Levski’s mother Gina Kuncheva’s monument and the memorial chapel of “All Bulgarian Saints” (“Vseh svyatih bolgarskih”). Further renovation of Revival houses and construction of new sites are planned for the future. The museum is part of the 100 National Tourist Sites.


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