Chudomir Museum of Literature and Art
Chudomir Museum of Literature and Art

Chudomir Museum of Literature and Art


The former home of the writer famous for his peculiar pseudonym “Chudomir” (a blend between the Bulgarian words of “wonder” and “peace”) today houses his works – both literary and art works. It is located in Kazanlak. It is home to more than 15 000 original manuscripts, letters, books, sketches and personal belongings of the renowned public figure and his wife Mara Chorbadzhiyska. Amid the unique atmosphere of the time when the artist’s family inhabited the house there are an exhibition of artworks and documents, a stock depository and a conference hall. What draws the visitor’s attention the most is perhaps a peculiar mask – Chudomir’s death mask, which was cast from the writer’s face after his death, to preserve his appearance forever.


The tour through the modest writer’s house also passes the picture gallery. It houses Chudomir’s images created not with words but with paint and brush. In them we encounter some of his most famous characters – “Nashentsi” (“Locals”) and “Klyukarkata” (“The Gossiper”).


Chudomir’s house traditionally hosts one of the largest cultural events in Bulgaria – the so called “Chudomir’s celebrations”. All year round it houses a number of exhibitions, readings and other events. The museum is also seat of the Chudomir Foundation. It shares the same place with the Thracian Tomb in the list of 100 National Tourist Sights.


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