Thracian Tomb – Kazanlak
Elena Maslarova

Thracian Tomb – Kazanlak


The Thracian Tomb of Kazanlak has been dated at 4-3 century B.C. A man and a woman are buried there – most probably a Thracian ruler and his wife. It is considered that the burial site was robbed as early as in the antiquity. Among the objects left which were discovered more than half a century ago were parts of ceramic dishes, golden appliqués and threads that probably adorned a piece of clothing, parts of weaponry and others. The tomb is most famous for its murals. Mainly because of them it was declared a cultural monument of global importance, protected by UNESCO.


The Kazanlak Tomb was discovered by accident in 1944 while some soldiers were digging out a shelter. It consists of three premises – a corridor, a rectangular pre-burial chamber and a circular burial chamber. In immediate proximity to the tomb there is a copy of it built in the original scale which shows the construction in its real form. Together with a great number of temples and tombs, discovered in the barrows of Golyama Kosmatka, Golyama Arsenalka, Shushmanets, Helvetsiya, Grifoni, Svetitsa and Ostrusha, the Kazanlak Tomb is part of the so called “Valley of the Thracian Kings.”


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