The Town of Koprivshtitsa - Architectural and Historical Reserve

The Town of Koprivshtitsa - Architectural and Historical Reserve


The buzz of animated conversations filling the air, the soft clatter of shoes against the cobblestone streets and arched wooden bridges, the constant sight of people bending over to get a drink at the lovely fountains scattered around town, or casting dreamy glances at the neat vivid blue houses.......That special ambience evokes sweet nostalgia and creates a compelling sense of immediate and memorable contact with the past.

That’s the charm of Koprivshtitsa – there’s a story behind every stone or color here. In 1952, it was proclaimed a “museum town”, because of the numerous architectural, historical, ethnographic monuments and works of art. At a later stage, Koprivshtitsa was declared a national architectural reserve as well.

It was founded at the end of the Second Bulgarian Empire (the end of the 14th century), but its present appearance is due to the near-total reconstruction after the burning of the town at the beginning of the 12th century. Afterwards, Koprivshtitsa gradually expanded and during the National Revival ((the country’s Age of Awakening (18th – 19th centuries))played a significant role in the social and political life of the country.

The town is renowned for the many attractive bridges, but the so called Kalachev Bridge, also known as The First Shot Bridge, is especially famous. It was here that in 1786 a gunshot signaled the start of the April Uprising - the great Bulgarian revolt against the Ottoman rule.

At present, some of the National Revival Houses are transformed into museums. Don't miss out on visiting the museums of the renowned Bulgarian authors Luben Karavelov and Dimcho Debelyanov, or the birthplaces of the revolutionaries Todor Kableshkov and Georgi Benkovski. Their characteristic bright facades in blue, yellow and brick red distinguish the town of Koprivshtitsa from the rest of the National revival cities.

The town of Koprivshtitsa is part of the “100 Tourist Sites of Bulgaria" Program.



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