Kilifarevo Monastery "Nativity of the Virgin Mary"
Desislava Yordanova

Kilifarevo Monastery "Nativity of the Virgin Mary"


The present Kilifarevo monastery is located about 600 meters from the buildings of the former cloister and a fortress that existed during the Second Bulgarian Kingdom (around 1350). They were both razed to the ground in 1686 because they supported the Second Tarnovo Uprising against the Ottoman rule (1686). The new monastery "Nativity of the Virgin" is located about a kilometer south of the village of Natsovsi and 4.5 km south of Kilifarevo town.


The holy place and the "Nativity of the Virgin" Church were built in 1718. Moreover, the church was painted and decorated the very same year. However, a few decades later the monastery was partially destroyed again. In 1840 it was rebuilt, reconstructed and expanded.


The 18th century fresco paintings (1718), preserved virtually intact and the old carved wooden iconostasis from 1843, painted by icon artists from the school of Tryavna, evoke the greatest interest. In the 19th, the monastery supported and actively participated in numerous uprisings against the Ottoman rule, offered refuge to Vasil Levski, the Apostle of freedom and was among the hiding places of the Bulgarian revolutionary Filip Totyu.


Since the 1940s, the monastery has been functioning as a convent.


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