Odranishki Monastery "Sts. Peter and Paul"

Odranishki Monastery "Sts. Peter and Paul"


The Odranishki monastery is located in Erulska Mountain. However, both the cloister and the mountain are lesser known Bulgarian landmarks. The monastery bears the name of the nearby village of Odranitsa in the municipality of Zemen, while the mountain itself was named after another neighboring village bearing an unusual name - Erul. The cloister, dedicated to the Holy Apostles Saints Peter and Paul, was founded back in the late 17th and early 18th century but was only just restored in 2001. The monastery complex consists of a church, a residential building and two chapels. While the church is not yet decorated and painted, the two chapels take great pride in their lavish wall paintings.

The monastery is a periodically functioning place of worship now. It is considered that there was another monastery in place of the present sanctuary, but no further information is available for the time being.

Though a trip to the monastery might be quite challenging, since the information signs around are to say the least insufficient, it is totally worth it. The cloister is a place of divine beauty and serenity –don’t fight the urge to escape from the day-to-day drudgery and take a journey of self-discovery here.


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