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 Varvara is a small picturesque village on the Black Sea coast, between the towns of Tsarevo and Ahtopol. Strandzha’s peak Papiya is nearby .

The legend connects the origin of the name to the Thracian residents who organized regular raids against the Greek population of the neighboring town of Agatopolis (Ahtopol). Greeks called them “barbarians”, hence the name of their village- Barbara-Varvara. The fact that Varvara was inhabited in ancient times is confirmed by the ruins of the late ancient and medieval fortress on a nearby peak Papiya. Varvara is known for its picturesque rocky coves, unspoiled nature and crystal clear waters, suitable for diving.

Every year, in the first week of September, the Varvara fair is held. Visitors can enjoy the local traditional customs, dancing on embers (nestinarstvo), wrestling and many others.


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