"Arch of Freedom" Monument, Goraltepe Mount
Desislava Mincheva

"Arch of Freedom" Monument, Goraltepe Mount


Climbing Goraltepe Mount in the Beklemeto area (the Balkan Mountains) is another check box on every traveler’s must-visit list. It’s well worth it for many reasons. Enthralling mountain freshness and vigor dominate the entire trip to the 1595-meter peak. The top reveals magnificent views – to Stara Planina and its highest peak Botev, to Sredna Gora, Rila and the Rhodope mountains, to the valleys of Troyan and Beli Osam.

And that's not all. A monument of veneration rises up there, solemn embodiment of gratitude for the courage and sacrifice of the thousands of Bulgarian and Russian soldiers who gave their lives for our country’s freedom. Actually, the "Arch of Freedom" is an expression of worship for the spirit of all freedom fighters from every historical era.

The 35-meter concrete structure depicts Bulgarian revolutionaries, Russian and Soviet soldiers presented with bread and salt by young women in national costumes, as the native tradition requires when admired guests arrive.

An asphalt road, starting at the Troyan Pass and going through the region of Beklemeto leads to the monument. There are many interesting sites of long past ages in the region, as well as hiking routes, eco trails, great ski conditions.


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