Sofia Art Gallery

Sofia Art Gallery


The museum’s collection consists of more than 8,000 Bulgarian artworks covering the entire span of Bulgarian art from the late 19th century to the present day and representing all art trends, styles and artists. The City Art Gallery has four departments: painting, sculpture, graphics, contemporary art and photography. Some of the sculptures are arranged in the adjacent City Park, turning it into an open-air museum.

The City Gallery was proclaimed a separate institution in 1952, after 24 years of operating as a part of the Sofia Municipal Museum, established in 1928 on the occasion of the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the Liberation of Sofia and the Millennium of the “Golden Age of Bulgarian culture and literacy”. The main purpose of the museum was to “collect, safeguard and study those items from Sofia’s material culture that are or will be of importance to Sofia’s culture”. In time, the Art Gallery became an individual establishment.  The building at 1 General Gurko Str. was granted to the gallery in 1977. It’s an interesting fact that the Gallery is housed in the former city casino - an architectural monument of local importance from 1908.

The gallery’s branch - the Vaska Emanouilova Gallery holds a rich artwork selection from the prominent Bulgarian sculptress.



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