The Daskalov House
Georgi Jordanov

The Daskalov House


For more than 200 years, two famous and impervious-to-time relief wood carvings, depicting the sun, have been “shining” in the National Revival Daskalov House in the town of Tryavna. In fact, they have only been subjected to the unique artistry of their creators – Master Dimitar Oshanetsa and his assistant Ivan Bochukovetsa. In 1808, after the house was completed, the two of them entered into a friendly wager and battle for the best wood carved ceiling design.

They worked independently for six months in two separate rooms of the house and crafted two of the finest woodcarving masterpieces ever created. The old master’s daisy-spangled Spring Sun beams caressing and peaceful, as the 88 non-repeating floral patterns are absolutely unique. His apprentice Ivan carved a one-of-a-kind “red-hot” Summer Sun, admired and highly appreciated at the time, all the more remarkable and owe-inspiring now when taking into account the unique circumstances.‎.

The house's ceiling decorations earned it the nickname - The house with the suns.  However, even now decades later, it's a moot point whether the master or the apprentice won the artistic battle.


The outhouse accommodates the unique for Bulgaria Museum of woodcarving. It demonstrates the artistic development of the Tryavna Icon painting and carving school, the oldest one in the country- starting from the earliest shallow (shepherd) wood carving, going through examples of relief carvings  for architectural applications, and finally - models of deep (iconostasis) wood carving.

There’s a recreation of a wood carving studio at the museum.  Some fascinating workshops are held here as well - painting ivy leaves in the traditional style of Tryavna, doing puzzles with images of hand carved ceilings, etc.

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