Momin Skok Waterfall

Momin Skok Waterfall


The picturesque Emen Canyon hides mysterious caves, a magic waterfall and a captivating little lake. A legend tells us about the origin of the name of the waterfall (from Bulgarian, “Girl’s Leap”): there were three girls who jumped off the rocks to escape the Turks that were chasing them. That’s why the waterfall was named “Momin Skok”, although it is also known simply as the Emen Waterfall. It is nestled among tall vertical rocks at the end of the eco trail going along the Emen Canyon near the villages of Mihaltsi and Emen.


Here the waters of the Negovanska River spread across the 10-metre rocks and form a beautiful pool underneath where often you can see people bathing. The clearings around are suitable for picnics and the nature creates ideal conditions for a truly relaxing experience. 


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