Emen Canyon

Emen Canyon


The picturesque Emen Canyon (Emenski kanyon) is a product of the Negovanka River’s stubborn penetration into the soft limestone rocks near the Veliko Tarnovo villages of Emen and Novo selo. The long years of action have produced a remarkable diversity of forms – waterfalls, pools, steps, niches, crowns and arches. All of this is motherly embraced by near 100-metre vertical cliffs. The canyon’s beautiful landscapes include the comparatively small Lake Negovanka, nestled among the rock crowns into a little deep forested valley, the impressive Momin Skok (Girl’s Leap) Waterfall and the mysterious holes in the rocks behind some of which there are formerly inhabited caves. Among them is one of Bulgaria’s longest caves – the 3113-metre long Emen Cave (Emenska Peshtera).


The fairytale-like Emen Canyon reveals its beauties thanks to Bulgaria’s first eco-trail – the Negovanska eco-trail. A number of wooden constructions have been set up alongside it, including bridges, stairs and others. The nice clearings along the trail attract the tired tourists with perfect conditions for a short rest or a picnic. Water lovers, on the other hand, take a good rest by the pool under the Momin Skok Waterfall.


The Emen Canyon, together with the waterfall, is declared a natural sight.


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