Kurtpashova Tower
Georgi Yordanov

Kurtpashova Tower



Former home of a local feudal lord, the so called Kurtpashova Tower (Kurtpashovata kula) has been rising in the centre of Vratsa for four centuries now. Today, the building that resembles a small castle, is located on the Hristo Botev main square, right in front of the History Museum. The tower has four floors – an underground and ground floor as well as two additional floors used for living. Its attractive look draws the eye from afar although it isn’t among the most imposing buildings in the region. Its square walls are 5.90 metres long and it’s just 11 metres high. Its construction is considered to have been finished in 17th century. It is an example of the fortified construction characteristic for the Late Middle Ages in Bulgaria.


Today the Kurtpashova Tower is open for visitors. You can purchase copies of museum exhibits and souvenirs from the shop on the ground floor.


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