Fortress "Hissarya"
Dimitar Ruykov

Fortress "Hissarya"


The Medieval fortress "Hissarya" is located in the southern part of Lovech, on a picturesque hill. It’s a part of the architectural reserve "Varosha". Built as early as the Roman times, it was used as a Roman station on a strategically important road junction. The foundations of the fortress were laid on a rock, thus it was out of easy reach and virtually impenetrable. That’s the place where the Lovech Peace Treaty between the Byzantine Empire and Bulgaria was signed in 1187, whereby the Second Bulgarian State was recognized.

In the 14th century, the castle became Tsar Ivan Alexander’s (1301-1371 AD) residence. And it was one of the last strongholds conquered by the Turks.

The excavations have uncovered a variety of artefacts: adornments, pottery, everyday life items, as well as silver coins with the images of Tsar Ivan Alexander and his son Michael. An imposing metal cross rises inside the fortress, visible from anywhere in the city.

Today much of the castle is restored, and in 2005 both the fortress and the nearby monument of Vasil Levski-the Apostle of freedom, were equipped with night lighting.


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