Vratsata Gorge

Vratsata Gorge


Leva River (eng.(lit.) the Left River) also known as Varteshnitsa( eng. (lit.) The Swirling) has carved numerous enchanting places all along its course north of Vratsa Mountain. Cutting across the Zgorigrad valley it has formed the stunning Vratsata Gorge as well. The river flows through imposing almost vertical rocks, whose fearsome appearance is enhanced by their massive height and jagged cliffs. Some of them often exceed a height of 400 m., therefore Vratsata is the highest gorge on the Balkan Peninsula. The dreadful crags are favored by many climbers. There are many climbing routes here with various levels of difficulty.

The whole region gives you many opportunities to engage in different sports and enjoy various trips - mountain biking, hang- and paragliding, etc. Numerous eco trails will lead you to some of the most beautiful places in the area. The region is particularly rich in rock formations- some already have fitting names while others will certainly provoke you to liken their shapes to other forms found in nature.

In the Roman era, at the beginning of the gorge between the cliffs, there was a fortress of the same name - Vratsata. At present, one could still see remnants of it around.

The gorge has been proclaimed a natural landmark.


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