Drastar Fortress
Municipality of Silistra

Drastar Fortress


One of the oldest fortresses in Bulgaria – the Drastar Fortress lies on the banks of the Danube, on the outskirts of the town of Silistra. It is assumed that initially a defensive Thracian defensive structure was situated there and later on the ancient fortification was transformed into a Roman stronghold. It was known under the name of Durostorum, but in the 6th century BC the Slavs invaded the area, seized the castle and changed its name to Drastar (Drustar). The stronghold became one of the most significant defensive structures in Bulgaria also known as the Danube residence of the Bulgarian rulers from Pliska and Preslav. The fortress has defended the town for almost 13 centuries, though in battles it has fallen into enemy hands.

There is not much left of the Drastar’s magnificence, only a few remains of its former glory. However, we could still enjoy the remains of the Patriarchal Cathedral and residence, built by the fortress wall, the metropolitan temple, the central gate and others. The under floor heating system is unparalleled and undoubtedly astonishing.

At present you can see a scale model of "Durostorum- Drastar" Fortress at the Historical Museum of Silistra. The actual remains are situated in the suburbs of Silistra.


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