Boyana Waterfall
Desislava Yordanova

Boyana Waterfall


The beautiful Boyana Waterfall (Boyanski vodopad) is the biggest in Vitosha Mountain. It can be seen even from Sofia’s centre. There are two major trails leading to it: one of them is easier but a bit longer and the other is more suitable for advanced tourists. Both trails take about 1.5-2 hours.


The waterfall is part of the Boyana River which springs from the foot of Cherni Vrah (Black Peak). On its way down the river goes through a huge rocky ridge, forming a few smaller cascades and an impressive almost 30-metre-tall fall. It is most magnificent in the spring when the water is highest. The fresh beech forest around definitely contributes even further to its beauty. During the winter its waters often freeze, turning the whole place into a fairy-tale location. In this season enthusiasts climb up the icy pillars. During the rest of the year the climbing spots move to the rocks.


Amazed by the waterfall, in 1920 Ivan Vazov describes the following in his travelogue: “You would say that the waterfall comes not from Vitosha’s summit but somewhere from the heavens, bringing down the light of the azure and the thunder of its storms.”


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