Baba Vida Fortress

Baba Vida Fortress


The Baba Vida Fortress also known as "Babini Vidini Kuli" Fortress is the only fully preserved medieval fortress in Bulgaria and a great place to get acquainted with the incredibly rich history of Vidin. And it goes way back into Antiquity when the city used to be called Bononia. Baba Vida was built on its remains in the 10th century AD and functioned both as a defensive structure and a as castle. It was the royal residence of Ivan Sratsimir, the last Bulgarian king before the country fell completely under the rule of the Ottoman Empire.

The fortress, with a total area of 9.5 acres, has nine towers, double walls - internal and external, a moat - once filled with water from the nearby Danube River, a prison and a courtyard with separate spaces, used for various purposes. The residential buildings of the castle used to be situated there. At present, the drawbridge is replaced with a stone one, we can visit two of the towers or go to the former prison, now museum and see a number of interesting artifacts.

Babini Vidini Kuli was proclaimed a cultural monument of national importance and is a part of the “100 National Tourist Sites of Bulgaria” program.


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