State Puppet Theatre – Vidin
State Puppet Theatre – Vidin

State Puppet Theatre – Vidin


Puppet Theatre – Vidin was established in1975. It has its own creative company that consists of ten actors as well as technical staff and administration. It has an auditorium with 150 seats. The road from a random stage to the developing and seeking theatre which it is today was long and hard.


State Puppet Theatre – Vidin has been looking for its distinctive atmosphere since its very establishment. On the long way of self-development and survival it has strived to preserve this distinctiveness and authenticity – the things that make a theatre stand out among the rest. The Vidin Theatre keeps building a space to seek new expression devices and develop the language of theatre. It fights for a diversity of genres and styles in its production, organises meetings with interesting creatives, breaks the prejudice about the face of the ‘provincial’ theatre.


The Vidin puppet theatre tries to enrich the spectator’s interest – that of the youngest audience, which is the theatre institution’s main objective, and that of the young and the old.


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