St. Dimitar Orthodox Cathedral

St. Dimitar Orthodox Cathedral


St. Dimitar – Bulgaria’s second biggest Eastern Orthodox Church after Aleksander Nevsky – rises proudly among Vidin’s historical buildings. It was built at the end of 17 century and quickly turned into a cultural centre and soon after that into a metropolitan bishop’s church as well. It has been really interesting to this day how the Turkish authorities allowed the construction of such a huge temple – its central dome, for example, is sheer 33 metres tall.


The St. Dimitar Church was mostly made of wood which after 240 years had to be replaced by a more solid material. Due to the fact the construction had worn out the temple was completely demolished in 1889. The first mass in the newly-built church took place in 1900, on the temple’s holiday. Its interior is wholly decorated. Numerous relics and sacred objects are kept there. Here are the relics of St. John of Rila, St Theodore Tiron, St. Pantaleymon and many others. A German clock has been measuring the time from one of the belfries ever since the new church was built. It is expected to keep on working flawlessly for another 300-400 years.


Today the magnificent building of the St. Dimitar Cathedral is cultural monument of national importance.


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