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  • kostenski-vodopad_230x161_crop_e270bcd334

    Kostenski Waterfall

    Kostenski Waterfall bears the name of the neighbouring town of Kostenets or perhaps of the eponymous village located nearby…

  • mg-8602-chiprovski-vodopad-re_230x161_crop_6e0fc45df2

    Chiprovski Waterfall

    One of the most beautiful natural sights in Bulgaria - Chiprovski waterfall, is located in a truly scenic area.

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    "Babsko Praskalo" Waterfall

    "Babskoto praskalo" is a waterfall, located on the territory of National Park "Central Balkan".

  • vodopad-skoka-teteven-1_230x161_crop_1140e0308c

    “Skoka” Falls

    This enchanting place in the picturesque Koznitsa River gorge patiently awaits the arrival of all nature lovers.

  • hotnishki-vodopad2_230x161_crop_b67169cdf6

    Hotnishki Falls

    Near the village of Hotnitsa, in the region of Veliko Tarnovo, the Bohot River reaches a high cliff, giving it a loving and tender embrace and then drops spectacularly over the edge, presenting a splendid performance of dancing droplets.

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    Skaklya Waterfall

    One of Bulgaria’s unique natural spots which not only deserves our attention but captivates us and draws us back here again and again is Skaklya Waterfall near the village of Bov.

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    Водопад „Скока” (Кашински водопад)

    Водопад „Скока“ или „Скоко”, както го наричат местните хора, е не просто един от водопадите в България.

  • vodopad-varovitets_230x161_crop_8a7e899d64

    Etropole Waterfall Varovitets

    In this place, Nature in all her majesty has unfolded her powers and exceptional talent to the highest degree and has created one of Bulgaria’s most fascinating natural phenomena.

  • leshnishki-vodopad_230x161_crop_d3c49e93c8

    Leshnishki Falls

    The Leshnishki Falls is worth a visit not only because of the beauty of the water spectacle, but for the wonderful experience that the great eco trail leading to the landmark offers.

  • karlovskoto-praskalo_230x161_crop_09a66477ac

    Karlovsko Praskalo Falls

    The Karlovo waterfall was named after the nearby town of Karlovo.

  • kademliiskoto-praskalo_230x161_crop_886c8095a9

    Kademliysko Praskalo Falls

    The waterfall gets its name from the eponymous river – Kademliyska River, a tributary of the Tazha River.

  • polska-skakavitsa-2_230x161_crop_e245ae07b3

    "Polska skakavitsa" Waterfall

    One of the most beautiful and highest waterfalls in Bulgaria - "Polska Skakavitsa" is located near the village of the same name, about 20 km way from the town of Kyustendil.