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  • kostenski-vodopad_230x161_crop_e270bcd334

    Kostenski Waterfall

    Kostenski Waterfall bears the name of the neighbouring town of Kostenets or perhaps of the eponymous village located nearby…

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    National Park "Rila"

    Rila National park is the largest national park in Bulgaria.

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    The Seven Rila Lakes

    The Seven Rila Lakes will captivate you with their beauty and magnetism. The unique glacial lakes are located at over 2000m of altitude in the highest mountain in the Balkan Peninsula.

  • gpa2240-melnik_230x161_crop_c49776cf4f

    The Melnik Pyramids

    Nestled cottages and sparkling red wine, surrounded by an enchanting natural phenomenon.

  • gpa9141-kamenna-svadba_230x161_crop_e38255641c

    The Stone Wedding

    The natural phenomenon "Stone Wedding" is an amazing symphony of rock formations, that are about ten meters high and spread over an area of 50 acres.

  • muratovo-ezero_230x161_crop_39e1fc004a

    Muratovo Lake

    In the crystal-clear waters of the high-altitude Muratovo Lake one can see the massive slopes of the Pirin peaks of Todorka and Banderishki chukar (Banderishki Peak).

  • gpa8502-gubite_230x161_crop_6298d5e22c

    The Stone Mushrooms

    The so-called “Stone Mushrooms” are a remarkable natural phenomenon in the Eastern Rhodopes. The rock formations are in different shapes and shades of colour and are up to 3 m. high.

  • gpa4991_230x161_crop_2d1777f48d

    The Wonderful Bridges

    The Wonderful Bridges (Chudnite mostove) are a natural phenomenon in the Western Rhodopes, formed under the rifting activities of the waters of the Erkyupriya River.

  • lakatnishkite-skali-1_230x161_crop_625ab6cd08

    Lakatnik Cliffs

    Located on the left slope of the Iskar Gorge, the Lakatnik cliffs attract not only lovers of beautiful landscapes and unspoiled nature, but many climbers as well.

  • img-1277_230x161_crop_936d27b619

    Devetashka Cave

    The Devetashka cave is located near the village of Devetaki and is one of the largest caves in Bulgaria. Among the locals it’s also known as "Maarata" or "Oknata".

  • dsc-1215_230x161_crop_33ba1cb4c6

    Park "Sinanitsa"

    Park "Sinanitsa" includes some of the most picturesque places in the Pirin National Park.

  • mg-8602-chiprovski-vodopad-re_230x161_crop_6e0fc45df2

    Chiprovski Waterfall

    One of the most beautiful natural sights in Bulgaria - Chiprovski waterfall, is located in a truly scenic area.