Trigrad Gorge

Trigrad Gorge


The vertical marble rocks along the course of the Trigradska River near the eponymous village have been carved for million years to bring us the pleasure and the admiration for the 7-kilometre ravine. This is what the rocks look like today, cut in up to 300-350m at certain places, rising magnificently over the Devin – Trigrad road. The road itself is fantastically picturesque, zigzagging between the rocks, and has an impressive width – it is wide enough for just one car although it is a two-way road.


The Trigrad Gorge region is rich in finds from the prehistoric past – cave dwellings and Thracian necropolises, as well as plant and animal species and natural forms. The locality of Chairite is home to six leaning landslide lakes. The region is also home to the Balkan Peninsula-endemic Rhodope haberlea which has the ability to liven up after having been dried up. Many caves hide their secrets in this area – The Devil’s Throat, the Yagodinska Cave and the Haramiyska Cave are just a part of them albeit the most popular.


The Trigrad Gorge has found its place among the 100 National Tourist Sites of Bulgaria.



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