"Ivan Vazov" National Theatre
Dimitar Ruykov

"Ivan Vazov" National Theatre


The “Ivan Vazov” National Theatre is one of the most exquisite and aristocratic buildings in the capital. The building was designed by a team of Viennese architects and construction started in 1904, in place of the old wooden theater in the City Park. The new theater officially opened in 1907, with a special performance. The grand opening was accompanied by a scandal, too - a group of students catcalled Knyaz Ferdinand I. of Bulgaria and he issued an order closing Alma Mater - Sofia University. In 1923, the building was extensively damaged by a fire. During the subsequent reconstruction, the most advanced of its time stage machinery was delivered and it’s still used in performances on Main stage. The bombing of Sofia in the Second World War caused considerable damage to the building, as well. The National theatre was reconstructed and reestablished in 1945.

Today, the Ivan Vazov National Theatre continues to shape the image of the modern Bulgarian theater. The repertoire includes both classic and contemporary Bulgarian and international high quality artistic productions.


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