National Polytechnic Museum
National Polytechnic Museum

National Polytechnic Museum


The National Polytechnic Museum preserves over 22 000 exhibits, divided in collections: time measurement, transport, photography and cinema technology, optics, sound recording and sound reproduction, radio and television, calculation technology, musical mechanisms, geodetic devices, measurement technology, household technology, sewing machines, typewriters, physic devices, communication technology. The museum preserves precious evidence related to the life and scientific work of renowned figures of the Bulgarian science and technology field; interesting unique products and so on. The scientific archives include over 2000 archive entities. The museum has a video archive, cinema archive, photo archive, a reference catalogue of the history of science and technology, personal archives, a specialized library – reading room with over 12 000 books and periodicals, a collection of technology-themed fiction and cartographic works.


The 1000-sq-m permanent exhibition displays only 1000 objects of the museum’s rich fund. Collections and unique exhibits are displayed in other museums and museum collections. The visitor takes a particular interest in the permanent exhibitions, such as ‘The Beginning – 120 Years of Bulgarian Telecommunication’ in the lobby of Central Post (in cooperation with the Posts and Telecommunications Committee), ‘Radio in Bulgaria’ and ‘Let’s record and hear the sounds’ at the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication and ‘History of Astronomy Teaching’ at the Astronomic Observatory of the University of Sofia. A restored Ford automobile and other museum exhibits are part of the permanent exhibition of Ford’s representatives for Bulgaria – Ford Moto Pfohe.


The museum has organized tens of conferences and symposiums, dedicated to the history of different fields of science and technology. It has published 18 volumes of the only work on history of science and technology – ‘National Polytechnic Museum Annual’, a number of thematic collections and brochures. It makes and distributes a children newspaper called ‘Tehnitarche’. It has halls for temporary exhibitions, a cinema hall and a conference hall.


The Polytechnic Museum has made over 140 theme exhibitions from various fields of knowledge. The exhibitions have been shown in Bulgaria and in abroad.


The museum audience mainly consists of young people – pupils and students, technology specialists, Bulgarian and foreign tourists, collectors and fans. The number of visitors reaches 30 000 every year.


The National Polytechnic Museum and its subsidiaries function as educational institutions and cooperate with the Ministry of Education and Science as well as with a number of foundations, companies and associations.


One of the National Polytechnic Museum’s main activities are educational programs in the field of chemistry, physics, textile and music. The physic demonstration study is particularly impressive.


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