Lavov most - Lion's Bridge

Lavov most - Lion's Bridge


Lavov most (eng:Lions’ Bridge) is among the most famous places in Sofia. It is situated over Vladayska River, at the traffic circle at "Maria Louisa" and "Slivnitsa" Blvds crossroads, a very busy intersection near the Central Station. The idea of building a Memorial Bridge was conceived in the years following the Liberation, as the intention was to build an entire memorial complex to pay tribute to those from Vladayska area who died for the liberation of Bulgaria. During the Ottoman rule, freedom fighters had often been executed right there.

However, the initial design was abandoned and only the bridge was built. The construction work was carried out between 1889 and 1991. Bronze lion statues were installed at the four corners of the bridge, symbolizing the power of Bulgarian spirit and the heroism of the fallen. The statues, each weighing a ton, were cast in Vienna.
In the beginning, major events were conducted against the background of the Lion's Bridge and its majestic statues – distinguished guests were welcomed to the capital, etc. In 1930, an arch was erected here for the wedding of King Boris III and Queen Joanna.
In 2014 the whole area underwent a major rebuilding; the four lion statues that gave their name to the bridge were refurbished as well.


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