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Municipal Theatre – Kyustendil
Municipal Theatre – Kyustendil

Municipal Theatre – Kyustendil


It is considered that 1873 marks the beginning of theatre activity in Kyustendil – it was then when Yovan St. Popovic’s ‘Evil Woman’, Bulgarianized by an anonymous author, was performed. The play was staged at the local Monastery school. All roles in it were played by men. The performance was received with great excitement by the people of Kyustendil. It’s an interesting fact that the classroom where the play was performed was too narrow and each time before the performance began one of its walls had to be demolished to make room for the audience and then rebuilt in the end so that the students could use their classroom on the next day.


Up to 1948 the theatre didn’t exist independently but was part of the Bratstvo (Brotherhood) Community Centre’s activity. Then it became a municipal theatre and later a state one only to get back its municipal status in 2005. Between 1952 and 2010 323 plays by 190 authors were staged and performed. In the same period, 330 actors, over 100 directors and about 60 artists-scenographers worked at the Kyustendil theatre. 


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