Pedagogical School – Kyustendil

Pedagogical School – Kyustendil


The Pedagogical School building adorns Kyustendil’s historical centre. Its construction started officially on 11 May 1889 – holy brothers Cyril and Methodius’s Day. A few years after its completion it got its own clock – a small tower was raised for this purpose, where a medieval bell dating from the distant 1429 was placed.


The school had 15 classrooms on the lower floor and 10 rooms on the upper floor. It functioned until 1908 when, because of Bulgaria’s participation in World War I, the Army Headquarters settled there. Then it became possession of the Ministry of Justice and from the end of 1959 on it was seat of the Regional People’s Council and the Bulgarian Communist Party Regional Committee. From 1973 on the historical building housed the Municipal People’s Council. It has been used by Kyustendil’s municipal administration to this day.


The former Pedagogical school is an architectural and historical monument of culture, one of the most popular symbols of Kyustendil and an exciting means of going back in time.


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