Little City Theatre 'Off The Channel'
Little City Theatre 'Off The Channel'

Little City Theatre 'Off The Channel'


Little City Theatre 'Off The Channel' (Malak gradski teatar "Zad kanala") is one of the four municipal theatres in Sofia. Its 212-seat auditorium is housed in a small but really cozy building on the bank of the Perlovska River in one of Sofia’s central districts – Poduene.


For its 20 years of existence the theatre repertoire has included authors of exceptional importance for the global theatrical processes along with the names of Bulgarian classic playwrights. New authors of the world repertoire are constantly present on the stage while, traditionally, every year contemporary Bulgarian playwrights open their performances here.


The unique artistic atmosphere of the Theatre attracts the best Bulgarian directors whose plays are performed not only by the 20-member theatre company but by many other artists as well. At the ‘Off The Channel’ Theatre viewers can watch a great number of guest artists, many of whom belonging to the youngest generation of actors on the Bulgarian stage.


The ‘Off The Channel’ Theatre has toured many times beyond the borders of Bulgaria. Its plays are always part of all national and international festivals in Bulgaria. Most of the ‘Off The Channel’ plays, as well as their directors, actors, scenographers or music composers have been nominated or have won the country’s most prestigious theatre awards.


Today, the theatre, created in 1990 with the will of a group of artists, seeking new spaces and ways of living, is a model for a successful adaptation within the new financial and cultural conditions. It has been honoured by the Sofia Municipality and the Ministry of Culture for its successful theatre management.


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