Sfumato Theatre Workshop
Sfumato Theatre Workshop

Sfumato Theatre Workshop


Sfumato Theatre Workshop was founded in 1989 by directors Margarita Mladenova and Ivan Dobchev as an alternative to the traditional theatres in Sofia. It is focused on programs (a several-years-long analysis of a particular author’s works) rather than on repertoire (various plays by different authors based on the “something for everyone” principle). Examples of what the Sfumato “programs” are like are the series of plays based on Dostoevsky followed by those based on Strindberg.


The Sfumato Theatre Workshop doesn’t have its own troupe but its plays are often performed by the same actors.


Since May 2004 it has been located on Dimitar Grekov Str. 2 (behind ‘Sofia’ Theatre and very close to Little City Theatre ‘Off the Channel’) in the restored building of the former ‘Poduene’ public bath. 


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