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Contrast Gallery
Contrast Gallery

Contrast Gallery


Contrast Gallery was born with the mission to support contemporary Bulgarian art. Creation of a new assessment system based entirely on artistic and market values, artist management and education and encouragement of art appreciators to invest in art are among the gallery’s main tasks. The first step is the setting up of an online platform which has to turn into the biggest space for art display in Bulgaria.


Contrast Gallery pays a particular attention to the development and encouragement of young authors who have not yet achieved an active position in the art market. The space is a cross point of styles and concepts of different generations of artists from all over the country. The project stands out with its dynamic matter and doesn’t aim at fixing itself in a single space. It doesn’t restrict art or build walls around artworks because it’s the artworks that build up spaces, fill them with meaning and make them valuable. The gallery is the contrast that bears the idea of the different, the renewed and the modernized. Its goal is not just for the place to stand out but to make art stand out and, through this, be able to shape and educate the young people, to create an environment and a possibility for expression. 


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