‘Sofia’ Theatre
‘Sofia’ Theatre

‘Sofia’ Theatre


For nearly half a century ‘Sofia’ Theatre has been the biggest municipal theatre in the city of Sofia. Its building houses several theatre halls – a big and a chamber hall as well as spaces suitable for experimental theatre activity – Marble lobby and a summer theatre stage. ‘Sofia’ Theatre has a compact acting troupe with prominent artists from different generations as well as a technical and an administrative team. ‘Sofia’ Theatre’s troupe has kept combining its respect for the tradition with the creative experiment, the alternative and intriguing presentation of theatre art. It maintains a repertoire of 12-14 titles. Most of them are equipped with titles in English so that they can be watched by foreigners, too.


‘Sofia’ Theatre is a theatre space which respects the best about the theatrical tradition and at the same time gives way to the newest and the trendiest in the contemporary theatre.


In 2016 ‘Sofia’ Theatre marked its 50th anniversary.


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