Kuklite Art House and Museum
Kuklite Art House and Museum

Kuklite Art House and Museum


Kuklite (The Dolls) Art House – a unique place in the heart of Sofia. It is situated in a 100-year-old house declared a monument of culture. For the last three years it has been functioning as a doll museum, applied art workshop, art centre for children and a party place. Here the time has stopped in a magical fairytale where childhood is never-ending.


Dolls are remarkable creatures – they are prototypes of men and their roles in society and life. There are dozens of types of dolls: ritual, folklore, souvenir, porcelain, interior, play dolls and theatre puppets. The museum displays each and every kind – over 3000 dolls are displayed as museum exhibits in 6 halls. Each doll has its own story…


The Doll House constantly holds marvelous events such as exhibitions, music evenings, competitions, theatre performances…


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