Beglik Tash
Miroslava Dermendjieva

Beglik Tash


Beglik Tash is an enchanting place not far from the beach with extraordinary energy and quite the mysterious history.  It is a megalithic pagan sanctuary 6 km away from the town of Primorsko. It is considered that the complex was built in the 14th century BC. and existed until the 5th century  AD. It has tremendous historical significance and remains unparalleled not only in Bulgaria but on the entire Balkan Peninsula. The complex consists of a central stone platform and several groups of other stones with various applications surrounding the central piece. The worked monumental stones have specific locations and were designated for sacred purposes. Some of them reach weights of up to 200 tons. How the stones had been placed here in the first place, still remains a mystery. It is considered that the sanctuary was designated to serve the ancient Thracian rituals dedicated to the Sun Deity and the Mother Goddess. There are a separate altar, the so called “matrimonial bed”, a maze, a dolmen (holy cave), a sundial (and calendar) and the Apostle Tash (a trimmed boulder levered by the Thracians on two points of support only, forming a large crevice)at the sanctuary.

The intriguing, yet unsolved problems concerning the creation and use of this place are certainly not the most impressive thing about it. Like most other sanctuaries it is supposed to have been built on a special place with extraordinary energy. Thousands of years later the unique feel to it is still tangible and profound.


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