Cape Arapya
Antonia Ivanova

Cape Arapya


Cape Arapya marks the southern border of a small picturesque bay which has become quite popular because of its clear water and which bears the same name – Arapya. The bay is located on the South Black Sea coast, between the village of Lozenets and the town of Tsarevo. The rocks that surround it from the north and the south as well as the pine and broad-leaved forests along it and southwest of the cape endow this place with a peculiar beauty and make it a preferred destination for many holiday-makers.


As early as in the mid-60s, a camping site was made in Arapya which later temporarily bore the name ‘Balgarka’ (‘Bulgarian Woman’). Tourists from Bulgaria and the former socialist countries would come here attracted by the beauty of the place and its proximity to as many as three nature reserves created along the rivers of Ropotamo, Veleka and Rezovska. Today the camping site is still there although to a great extent the construction boom on the Black Sea coast hasn’t gone past Arapya either. Although now there are hotels, Arapya still offers simpler and closer to nature conditions to camping lovers in places such as Zona Kraken, for example. And it is still allowed to pitch your tent for free in the little forest on the cape.


Although full of people every day, the beach, which is divided in as many as three separate bays – the so called small beach, big beach and clam bay, still offers enough room for everyone and in most of the summer days the water stays so clear that very often you can see fish dashing nearby. Experienced swimmers can take a break from sunbathing by swimming to the so called Bird Island located in the northern part of the bay. The island is mere 7.5 decares in size but it’s a home to seagulls and other types of birds which is where its name comes from. You can also reach the little rocky island in a rented canoe. Because of its good conditions the bay is really popular among windsurfers too.


You can reach Arapya by car or by a nice-looking windowless bus which regularly services the Tsarevo – Arapya – Tsarevo route in the summer. You can also walk from Tsarevo to Arapya along the coast – the road goes across rocks and little empty bays and finally ascends the cape itself, rewarding us with a magnificent view to the blue sea.


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