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‘Atelier 313’ Theatre
‘Atelier 313’ Theatre

‘Atelier 313’ Theatre


‘Atelier 313’ Theatre was founded in 1989 by actor Rashko Mladenov as a studio formation that experiments with the synthesis of performing arts – dance and music theatre, pantomime, opera. In 1992 puppetry director Petar Pashov was invited to be director of the theatre; under his guidance, some of the most recognized names in contemporary puppetry joined the troupe, including director Slavcho Malenov, scenographers Silva Bachvarova and Vasil Rokomanov, composer Petar Tsankov, actors Zheni Pashova, Georgi Spasov, Simona Nanova, Iroslav Petkov, Rumen Gavanozov, Olga Churchich and others. They have all starred in shows staged within prestigious international forums all over Europe, in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Japan, South Korea, India, Tunisia and others.


The theatre presents its performances every Saturday and Sunday.


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