Beli Osam River, Troyan
Desislava Yordanova

Beli Osam River, Troyan


One of the tributaries of the Osam River – Beli Osam or White Osam rises at the foot of Mount Ushite (eng.: “The Ears”) at a height of about 1560 m above sea level and rushes down the slopes of the Troyan part of the Balkan Mountains.


During its nearly 30-kilometer dash to the Osam River it flows swiftly through the villages of Chiflik and Beli Osum,  then through the town of Troyan and others. At its headwaters Beli Osam passes along Kozyata stena Rezerve (eng: "The Goat wall Reserve") established  to protect endangered species of wild plants such as the edelweiss and the primeval beech - fir forests. There are many small lovely beaches along the river and the water is full of fish.


All that beauty is only complemented  by crisp, clean mountain air, great views and greenery, numerous hotels and guest houses, making the area a truly attractive destination for holiday makers. These places are widely appreciated by visitors for the Chiflika hot springs as well. In winter, the ski slopes of the Beklemeto locality and their proximity to the area draw hundreds of people here.


The number of attractions and unique landmarks, the scenic nature, picturesque mountain trails and preserved traditional crafts and activities make the Beli Osam River basin a top spot for tourists with great potential for growth. 


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