The locality of Beklemeto is in the Balkan Mountains, in the highest section of the Troyan-Karnare mountain pass, 20 km away from the town of Troyan.  Endowed with an abundance of natural resources and divine mountain beauty, and rightfully taking pride in its historical significance and preserved cultural artifacts, Beklemeto is a place suitable for a year-round recreation and tourism, the perfect  retreat for all nature and history lovers. In summer, it’s replete with well-travelled footpaths and accessible hiking trails, i.e.  to  Kozyata stena Reserve( eng: "Goat wall") , Vezhen Peak,  "Haidushka pesen" Cabin(eng: Haidout song ), Edelweiss Peak or the locality of “Haidushko sborishte”(eng: Haidout Coven, etc.  Beklemeto reveals countless tantalizing mountain views of  the Troyan Balkan, Sredna gora, Rila and the Rhodope Mountains.


The so called Quartz beech is in the area as well – a 200-year-old and 21 meters high tree, linked to the historical passage of the Russian forces through Bulgaria during the Russo-Turkish War. One of the commanders - General Pavel Kartsov left a sign on the tree and ever since then March, 3( the Liberation day)  and the memory of our liberators has been grandly celebrated by Bulgarian people here.

The "Arch of Freedom" Monument at Goraltepe Mount was set up as a sign of gratitude to those who sacrificed their lives in the name of freedom in 1878.


Extreme sports addicts can stay in “Orlovo gnezdo” (eng: the Eyrie Сhelter) . There are many accommodation options here and enough variety for all sorts of travelers – cabins, lodges, shelters, hotels, villas, etc. In winter, three dazzling white skiing tracks await all those who are fans of skiing, snowboarding and carving. History buffs should know that the whole area has always been a point of crossroads, so there’s a section of the important Roman road Via Trayana and a lot of other stopping places, remnants of the roads which traversed the Ancient World. The area is well marked and you can visit the Via Trayana for yourself.


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