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    "Monument of Freedom" Shipka

    The historic Shipka Peak is associated with the heroism of the Bulgarian volunteers and their sacrifice in the name of the Liberation of Bulgaria.

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    "Founders of the Bulgarian State" Monument

    The monument recreates the most important moments of the early history of the Bulgarian state, symbolizes its establishment, development and progress.

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    Rila Monastery

    Nestled in the foothills of the Mountain, the Rila monastery had had a major role in preserving the Bulgarian spiritual heritage throughout the centuries of Ottoman rule. In harmony with the surrounding nature, the convent impresses with its architecture and museum.

  • aprilovska-gimnasia_230x161_crop_a13724527d

    National Aprilov High School

    The first Bulgarian elite high school was founded in 1835 by the Revival activist Vasil Aprilov and is active until today.

  • vila-armira_230x161_crop_f04564a404

    Villa Armira

    Villa Armira is one of the richest Roman villas discovered on Bulgarian territory.

  • kordopulova-kashta-d-ruykov_230x161_crop_9eab723979

    Kordopulova house

    A magical place with deep cellars and lixurious interior design, guarding the secret of sparkling red wine production – Kordopulovа house is the largest National revival building in Bulgaria. It was built in 1754 by rich Greeks for wine production and storage exclusively and bears the name of the prominent family.

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    Madara National Historical and Archaeological Reserve

    The Madara National Historical and Archaeological Reserve, including the famous rock bas-relief, stands on the Madara Plateau. The complex consists of fort ruins, temples and civil buildings. The fortress reveals breathtaking views of the plane.

  • dsc-0977_230x161_crop_f99d0a9e2d

    Historical and Archaeological Reserve "Shumen Fortress"

    The Historical and Archaeological Reserve "Shumen fortress" is situated on the Shumen plateau, 3 km away from the center of modern-day Shumen.

  • boyanska-carkva_230x161_crop_5b026fd05e

    Boyana Church

    The medieval church of "St. Nicholas and St. Panteleimon” , better known as the Boyana Church, is located in the Boyana Borough in Sofia.

  • kaliakra1_230x161_crop_bde7612424

    Archaeological Reserve Kaliakra

    12 km southeast of Kavarna, Cape Kaliakra cuts into the waters of the Black Sea.

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    Veliki Preslav National Historical-Archaeological Reserve

    The great millennial history of Veliki Preslav still lives in the ruins of fortress walls, palaces, churches, monasteries, workshops and ateliers.

  • baba-vida_230x161_crop_2bfea471aa

    Baba Vida Fortress

    The Baba Vida Fortress also known as "Babini Vidini Kuli" is the only fully preserved medieval fortress in Bulgaria.