Kordopulova house
Dimitar Ruykov

Kordopulova house


A magical place with deep cellars and lixurious interior design, guarding the secret  of sparkling red wine production – Kordopulovа house is the largest National Revival building in Bulgaria. It was built in 1754 by rich Greeks for wine production and storage exclusively and bears the name of the prominent family.

The four floors of the house-museum have preserved the spirit of the Renaissance. On the ground floor there are stone tunnels and wine cellars, where the famous Melnik wine had once been produced. You can see the biggest barrel with a 12 l. capacity and taste the enchanting drink. Hundreds of yellow coins, taped to the tunnels’ walls, attract every visitor’s attention. It is said that if you make a wish and the coin sticks to the wall, your desire will definitely come true.

The two upper floors are made of stone, while the last one is wooden. The interior of the house-museum is an interesting combination of different artistic and architectural styles from all over the world. The living room is definitely the most appealing, with its impressive 12 windows distributed in two rows. The bottom one is in typical Bulgarian Renaissance style.  The upper windows are decorated with stained glass and are a mixture of Venetian and oriental elements. Part of the room is decorated with baroque ornaments. The wooden ceiling is skillfully crafted and depicts the sun. The rays are twelve tapered /acuminated rectangles - symbol of the number of months in the year. Preserved ancient wine vessels, carpets and other pieces of furniture are exhibited as well.

Kordopulova house is situated in the northeastern part of the town, surrounded by beautiful scenery. It is included in "the Hundred tourist sites of Bulgaria"initiative.


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