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    The Seven Rila Lakes

    The Seven Rila Lakes will captivate you with their beauty and magnetism. The unique glacial lakes are located at over 2000m of altitude in the highest mountain in the Balkan Peninsula.

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    The Wonderful Bridges

    The Wonderful Bridges (Chudnite mostove) are a natural phenomenon in the Western Rhodopes, formed under the rifting activities of the waters of the Erkyupriya River.

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    Belogradchik Rocks

    The massive rock formation began its mystical existence under the influence of natural forces more than 200 million years ago.

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    Cherni Vrah

    Like a sentinel, watching over the Sofia valley and the city of Sofia - Vitosha Mountain is crowned by a high peak, known as Cherni vrah (eng: the Black peak).

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    Peak Vihren

    Vihren is the highest peak of Bulgaria’s Pirin Mountains and the second highest in the country. A fascinating peculiarity is that if viewed from different angles, Vihren looks like different peaks.

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    Sinite kamani Nature Park

    Sinite kamani Nature Park is considered one of the most attractive parts of Eastern Stara Planina. And for a very good reason. With a total area of ​​11380,3 ha., the Park is an unparalleled blend of peculiar but fascinating rock formations, impressive caves and waterfalls, unique flora and fauna.

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    Snow White Cave

    The fabulous "Snow White" Cave is located in the Rhodope Mountains, 5 km away from the town of Peshtera.

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    "Saeva Dupka"Cave

    The colorful "Saeva Dupka" Cave is situated near the village of Brestnitsa.

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    Yagodinska cave

    The Yagodinska cave ranks first among the longest caves in the Rhodopes with a total length of about 10,000 m.

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    The gorge of Erma River

    The Erma River Gorge is a fascinating combination of natural phenomena: amazing water and rock formations, and intact forests landscapes.

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    Locality of Rupite

    Near the Petrich village of Rupite there’s a locality bearing the same name. It is protected because of the rich diversity of animal and plant species that inhabit it.

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    Srebarna Reserve

    One of Bulgaria’s most beautiful reserves is located 16 kilometres away from the town of Silistra, near the village of Srebarna.