The gorge of Erma River

The gorge of Erma River


The Erma River Gorge is a fascinating combination of natural phenomena: amazing water and rock formations, and intact forests landscapes. The river ( sometimes referred to as Jerma) originates in Bulgaria's western neighbor, passes close to the town of Tran in Bulgaria, re-enters neighboring Serbia and empties into the Nišava River. During its short journey through Bulgaria, the river has patiently cut its way through layers of rock and has carved a 100-meter-deep beautiful gorge. In places, the rocks close to the water surface almost touch - the distance between them is only about 3 to 4 m. The high near-vertical cliffs and water cascades along the gorge can be observed from a specially designed bridge. Climbers rushing up the cliffs are a common sight on the steep rock faces.

A nice hiking trail passes close to the gorge of Erma. The winding route takes us on a journey through climbs and descents, over bridges and ladders, all the way to the beautiful and impetuous waterway. The river has shaped waterfalls, cascades and fountains - not one or two, but dozens of them; numerous karst cave entries and large boulders can be seen near the shores as well.

The 13 km trail takes about eight hours to complete.

The Erma River Gorge was included in the 100 National Tourist Sites List of the Bulgarian Tourist Union.


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