Holy Trinity Razboishki Monastery
Georgi Yordanov

Holy Trinity Razboishki Monastery


For hundreds of years the Holy Trinity Monastery has been hiding amid the wild nature of the Nishava River’s gorge with its thick forests and tall rocks. Despite its hard accessibility, it has been burnt down many times and today we get knowledge of its history only by word of mouth. It is known that in mediaeval times the numerous rock ridges were home to a great number of hermits.


The monastery is located 2 kilometres away from the village of Razboishte. During the Serbo-Bulgarian war many battles were fought in its surroundings. Vasil Levski himself would often stay in there for the night. At the turn of the 20th century the monastery was abandoned. It was restored around 1947 by a few nuns and with the help of people from the neighbouring villages.


The Razboishki Monastery is famous for how distant its church is. The temple named Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary is situated into a cleft in the rock on the opposite bank of the river. A legend says that its construction began on the ground but each morning the workers would find what they had built the day before lifted farther and farther up the rocks. And it is here today, up above, as if dropped from the sky and onto the rocks. A small part of its murals, dating from 16-17th century, has been preserved.


Today, the monastery is fully functional. It offers accommodation too. The conditions are the same as they were 100 years ago – no electricity or running water. Along with the wild nature all around, they guarantee a truly humbling and unforgettable experience.


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