Ethnographic Area Complex – Zlatograd
Dimitar Ruykov

Ethnographic Area Complex – Zlatograd


"Ethnographic Area Complex – Zlatograd" ("EAC- Zlatograd") is the first and for the time being the only private ethnographic area complex in Bulgaria. The complex is an open-air museum that demonstrates the appearance of Zlatograd more than a hundred years ago. The museum exhibition shows handicraft workshops, provides demonstrations of traditional labor skills; the largest architectural reserve in the Rhodope Mountains, with permanent local residents, is there as well. The Ethnographic exhibition is located in the former house of Alexander Chanov - wealthy Bulgarian manufacturer of traditional men's clothing of thick wool (“aba”) and trader of tobacco. The house dates from the second half of the 19th century and is declared an architectural monument of culture. The artifacts exhibited belong to the ethno cultural area of Zlatograd and date back to the Thracians, Romans, First and Second Bulgarian State.  

The creators of the complex aim to expand it and the main tendency in its development is the increasing number of the sites. In 2004, the complex was included in the list of "Hundred national tourist sites", and in 2006 received the title "Best unique ethnographic complex in Bulgaria for 2005".

The complex presents a number of traditional crafts such as carving, pottery, cutlery, goldsmith’s trade and others. There are several hotels and taverns nearby, where visitors can stay and have a nice meal.



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